The Gonski Review (shared by Corinne Owen)

Hi again,

As we all recently completed our professional experiences, we have all further developed our knowledge of schools and their inner workings. Unfortunately (for the school and students) the school that I attended was in a low socioeconomic area. This was evident with the lack of everything that the school had. By no means was it the fault of the staff as they are all wonderful people but it made my question how funding is allocated and to who, for what etc.

While I was searching around on blogs of my fellow students I came across this one shared by Corinne Owen on the Gonski Review. This is the link to Corinne’s post and worth a look.

I have heard of the Gonski Review before but by no means fully understand it all. It is a review done by David Gonski and is the most comprehensive review completed on schools in over 40 years. Mr Gonski has found that there are too many schools that do not provide students with adequate resources needed for a high level of quality education and demonstrates the great need for change. This link will take you to his page, ‘What’s a Gonski?‘ and it offers a fully comprehensive review and provides solutions to this current issue. Have a look and judge for yourself? We definitely need a change but how can we do it?

Hope that you all had a great time on your professional experiences!!! 🙂

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